Americas’ Legends

Americas’ Legends

Native American Myths, Mayan Legends, Eskimo Tales and fables collected with love!

Americas consists of the North and South American continents. The indigenous people of the Americas were thriving tribes who loved their land and their people. When nations were not divided and the maps had fuzzy boundaries, Native American people lived in small groups and tribes.

Early inhabitants of North America are now collectively referred to as Native Americans. Mesoamerica is the region comprising of Mexico and Central America. The myths and legends of the Mayans came from the traditions and religion of a three millennia old, ancient civilization that existed in the region of Mesoamerica.

There were thousands of different tribes in the Old World in the Americas, before European colonization. They lived in harmony with nature and told many-many stories about the nature. They were very proud of their tribes and clans and so they sung their praises. Through stories, they taught their children to value each other and to value nature and their culture.

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Eskimo Tales

Tales from the icy wilderness of Greenland and the Arctic