European Fables

European Fables

Aesop’s Fables and other European tales are among the most popular stories told across the school systems in the world.

From Aesop’s Fables to Cinderella, from Snow-white to Rumpelstiltskin.. the most popular characters from the stories told to the tiny-tots come from European Fables and Fairytales. But they are not all about damsels in distress and Prince Charming-s. Explore our collection of European Fables!

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aesop's fables

Biblical Narratives

aesop's fables

Celtic Legends


Greek Tales

Aesop's fables

Popular English Fairytales


The Wandering Bard’s tales

Opportunities with Aesop’s Fables & other popular stories

European tales are among the most popular stories available for children. These stories are taught at school and also marketed in many storybooks and animation movies or cartoons. However there are multiple versions of the tales and we can decide to choose the version which would empower our children with life-positive-ideas.

Children can relate very will with the characters of these tales as they are more familiar to them. This gives us perfect opportunity to delve further into the stories. We can engage with the kids and guide them with how to feel about the occurrences in the stories.

Let us know your version of the fables/fairytales along with the value packed into it. Submit your stories here. May more kids benefit from your creativity 🙂