The Legend of the Dwarf

In the ancient Mayan village of Uxmal lived an old woman. She was the Oracle of the city and she knew all the mysteries of the stars and carried stardust with her. She could heal people of any disease. She knew to heal humans, animals, plants and earth alike. The Oracle could ward off pestering… Continue reading The Legend of the Dwarf

My big brother

I love my big brother. He plays with me. We play hide and seek and he always finds me. He is smart. I love my big brother. He runs around me. When we run into each other we fall down and laugh. I love my big brother. He eats with me. He eats from my… Continue reading My big brother

Mommy loves you

Mommy wakes you up with a smile. “Oh my love, how beautiful you sleep!” she croons. “Rise and Shine; coz you are divine! And Mommy loves you, always and forever.” Mommy hugs you when you cry. “Oh my little one, why do you cry?” she croons. “Your lil eyes all scrunched up; and the button… Continue reading Mommy loves you

The Thief Who Became a Saint

In the thick-dark forests of the Great Plains of India, prowled a clever Bandit – Ratnakara. The forest lay on a trade route and many wealthy merchants would fall prey to the clever Bandit’s traps. He would then take away all their possessions and leave them for good. Ratna was much feared by the people… Continue reading The Thief Who Became a Saint