Asian Folklore

Asian Folklore

Asia is a land of diversity. Folklore from China, India, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Arabian countries, Russia etc are really invigorating, diverse and have stood the test of time!

Stories from nature, stories about relationships, stories questioning the very nature of life help kids see the colors in this increasingly black and white world. These stories help children question and wonder about many things we easily accept or consider ‘normal’.

The mythological stories from Asia is filled with quest for the meaning of life and are typically shared with children at an early age to teach them values in life. Enchant your kids with the magic of the East!

Asian Folklore

Asian Folklore

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Japanese Asian Folklore

Japanese Short Stories

Japanese folktales are the classic short stories from the 14th century. They also have wonderful tales of warriors and clans.

Asian Folklore

Arabia Asian Folklore

Arabian Adventures

Who hasn’t heard of Alladin or the Arabian Nights! A canvas of magic and enchantment were created by Persian storytellers and Bards of the yore.. and we are takin’ ’em all home to you!

Asian Folklore Russia

Russian Fables

Russia folklore is so diverse and spread over the centuries that Scholars pored over ’em, grouped ’em and studied them! But WE just have to enjoy the really interesting plots & twists in these tales!