Pre-schoolers’ Paradise

Pre-schoolers’ Paradise

Rekindle the curiosity of your smart-cookie pre-schooler with these stories for Ages 4-6 Years

Your preschooler might look engrossed in making that mud-pie, but mighty intellectual, social, and emotional development is happening in him as he grasps the rules and games of the society around him. Here are the stories that can guide and support them as their little grey cells ignite!!

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Featured stories for the week:-

Brahmin and the 3 Crooks

Brahmin carried a goat across his shoulder. Three crooks were hungry for the goat. How will they trick the Brahmin?

The Fox & the Grapes

Nothing like juicy, sun-kissed bunch of Grapes as an evening snack! The Lil’ Fox thought so too!

Coming soon in our collections :-

  • The Elephant’s Roar
  • The Duckling and the hedgehog
  • The wise Owl and Rat
  • Rat-a-tat
  • Magical Lantern and Alladin