About theStoryGenie.com

theStoryGenie.com is a one-woman mission. The Genie deeply cares about child welfare and therefore – effective parenting. theStoryGenie.com is a movement born from the desire to help parents to nurture possibilities in their kids through empowering stories.

Stories are surprisingly powerful. Some stories are Timeless too. That is why theStoryGenie.com takes the effort to bring you ageless stories & legends from across the world, to Empower your kids.

Let us show our kids life – through the kaleidoscope of possibilities, powerfulness, integrity and empathy.

Often-times, the castles from our childhood fairytales transforms into prisons inside of our heads. Didn’t all of us grow up dreaming of finding ‘The One’ and a ‘happily ever after’? I, for one, hoped to ‘fix-it-all’ with the flick of a wand. Did we play Barbie & Ken games feverishly wishing to grow up into flawless beings with perfect body/relationships? Don’t we, as adults, still wish for all that Disney Goo and Marvel Booms? Are we children stuck in adult’s body? Do we wish the same for our kids?

As parents, we have the responsibility to decide what kind of stories our kids should be exposed to. Because what we know as ourselves are but an identity woven with stories about ourselves. Check out this blog to know why StoryGenie came into being. Let us choose to take our kids to the magical land of possibilities and show them heroes and heroines fighting the odds with incantations of will power, integrity and responsibility. theStoryGenie.com is a growing collection of immortal stories passed on through generations, mixed with modern stories of change and courage. Join us, let us celebrate life!