I Chose (the best for my kid)

I Chose (the best for my kid)

Do you choose empowering bedtime stories for your kids? Or do you settle with popular ones? I chose to Empower.
Here’s why.

Things in life often come down to mere choices. Montessori OR home-schooling for my budding genius? Picnic OR napping over a weekend? This popular fairy-tale OR a random Youtube video for the bedtime? When I became aware of my freedom to choose, my shoulders sagged under the weight from a huge sense of responsibility. How do I choose right? How do I choose the best for my Kid?

I couldn’t recognize ‘right’ if it danced naked in front of me! How could I, who could barely make ‘right’ decisions in my own life be responsible for the dreams, aspirations and nourishment of a brand new life? How is it fair to my child? How is it fair to me? Overwhelmed by weeks of anxious overthinking, I suddenly felt tired from playing the victim. It is after-all, a choice. I finally decided to choose to grow up to that role. That of a responsible Mother.

Conscious decisions about what my kid should consume took me through hours of learning and deciding about food patterns, nourishing organic lifestyle, karma-free living, even successful potty training (squatting is the way to go – Ever wondered why Squatty Potty sells for $25 a piece? coz it works!). I could-not however sleep in peace after I read my little one the ‘Little Red Riding hood’, why would we tell such a gory story to a kid?


True to my vow of being responsible, I did my research and it threw light on so many skeletons in the closets of our fairytales. Anne Duggan, a PhD and a professor researching the origin and impact of fairytales, helped me verify my doubts with the ‘Little Red Riding hood’. Check out her Ted talk posted here.

Have you noticed that fairytales encapsulate very adult-like fantasies? I mean, how much do you think your 3 year old cared for finding the ‘Perfect One’ or about ‘marriage’? Marriage for your toddler is a warm place at home, cuddling her Mom and Dad. Did you also get alarmed by the repetitive pattern of Princes and Princesses ‘finding the one’ and ‘happily ever afters’ in your Little one’s fairy tales?

Rachel Anne Kieran, a renowned Psychologist explains impact of stories we hear as kids. How the fairytales and stories we hear as kids play major role in defining our lives as an adult. In her Ted Talk ‘How fairy tales failed me’ she explains how we struggle through our lives just because we do-not have a model/a reference point while facing difficulties and obstacles in life. Unfortunately we have only been programmed to understand what to expect in an ideal ‘fairy-tale’ life. And we go through problems in life waiting for our prince charming to rescue us and kiss our problems away. Erm.. sounds like me.


If stories are so powerful, I should be careful about what kind of stories my kids are exposed to, right? I would want to expose my kids to empowering stories. Stories about friendship. Stories about empathy. Stories about possibilities, gratitude, the joy of giving, the mysteries of nature and the miracles of life. A good sprinkle of magic and spells in all of ’em. And of-course I need to keep room for Miracles!!

But where do I find such stories? Fairytales and fantasies sell well. Along with the overpriced trinkets and toys of the characters. And now, it is more evident than ever before. Check this article by the Guardian. Corporations make billions of dollars out of these and they will crowd the market with stuff which sells. SO, where do I find empowering bedtime stories for kids? Well, my month-long search ended at home when I found my Grandmother singing a lullaby to my kids as she was putting them to sleep. And it changed my life. You can read about it here.

I found a parallel universe. Of toothless Grannies and Old nannies passing on stories that were told to them as kids. Timeless stories. Folktales. Myths. Legends. Folklore. Scattered all over the place. Slowly biting the dust, thanks to the smart devices.

Well, theStoryGenie.com is my answer to the dearth of real, honest bedtime stories for kids. I want to bring back storytelling to this world (which sadly only glorifies profits). I need your help too. Shower your children with empowering stories from your tradition and post it here. Pass it on. Share the stories you love. Let us join hands to make this world a better place.

Let us offer our kids the choice of Storytelling – of Empowering Stories.

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