In Gratitude

I might not write anything that has not been written before. I cannot not think anything that has not been thought before. But I will say the one thing that is not being said enough number of times. That Life Is Good. Even when all hell breaks loose, or when the sky is falling down, Life is good.

Even your frizzy-haired, nails not-done, pajama selves is worth celebrating. For it is life and life is all that matters. Not in a TV/movie star way, wherein the heroine looks like a celebrity fallen angel. But in the most crazy I-dont-recognize-the-face-in-the-mirror way, after your pet dies from a long suffering illness.

Let us treat ourselves with bells, whistles, pruning and polishing of the body. The beating heart, the glorious spleen, the evasive mind, anything and everything which keeps us alive and sane is worth celebrating too. Isn’t it?

When I rise up in gratitude to the universe for just being alive, I remember to teach my kids the same.
When you go through hard times, may your kids know that the struggle is but a little part of life. Nothing worth glorifying or self victimizing. Just plain old struggles, which shall pass too.
A rainy day just like there are sunny ones.

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