Frog who didnt know to jump

Frog who didnt know to jump

A little frog lived in a small pond. He was too scared to jump!

In a little pond by the woods, there lived a whole lot of Frogs. In a cozy little corner of this pond lived a Momma Frog and Papa Frog. Momma Frog and Papa Frog had 5 little kids. They were very excited to have a baby tadpole.

Do you know how frogs are born? They are born from tadpoles. Have you seen little tadpoles swim in the puddles when it rains? They grow into little frogs in a few days.

Momma Frog and Papa Frog were very excited when their tadpole was about to turn into a little Frog. They spent days and nights looking at the tadpole to see if it grew legs and hands and eyes and nose!!

Finally the day dawned when the tadpole would turn into a little Frog. “Yayyyyyyy”,”Yohoooo” Momma Frog and Papa Frog celebrated. Little Greenie was born!

Momma Frog and Papa Frog saw to it that lil’ Greenie ate his greens and grew big. He needs to grow big enough so that he can start jumping around by himself.

Soon enough lil’ Greenie grew strong arms and legs. Not too strong. But strong enough for his tiny body. But lil’ Greenie was too scared to jump. “No Momma.. I am too small” he would say.


Lil Greenie saw his brothers and sisters jump from land to the pond and it looked.. so hard. So scary. He didn’t want to do that. He was too scared.

“No Papa, not today. Let’s do it tomorrow Papa.” Lil Greenie would say everyday. Now Momma Frog and Papa Frog was worried about him.

“Why Greenie, why don’t you want to jump?” Momma asked softly after many such tomorrows.
“Dont you want to play like your brothers and sisters? See they are having so much fun, splashing about in the water” said Papa.

“What if I fall Papa? What if I go lost into the pond Momma?” lil Greenie asked with tears in his eyes.

“Aww.. Dont worry my love!! You will not fall. Papa and Momma will hold you if you fall.” Momma told.

“Look at me Greenie”, Papa said “Papa will stand in the land and Momma will wait in the water. We will be with you, holding your hands till you jump. Now why do you fear? You are a brave young boy!! Remember how you beat your big sister in croaking?”

Lil Greenie stopped crying. “Maybe I can do this” he thought. He remembered how he beat his big sister in croaking and that was something.

“You can easily do this!” Momma said firmly.

“Okay Momma, Papa, I am ready. Today is the day. Let us do this.” Lil Greenie got ready to jump.

Papa took him to the land and Momma waited for him in the water. Lil Greenie couldnt let go of Papa’s hand. “You are a brave young boy. Go for it. Go to Momma”, said Papa.

Lil Greenie closed his eyes and jumped. Oh what a pleasure it was to sail through the air and land in his Mom’s arms! He did it again and again till his lil feet got tired. And he did it some more the next day. And kept on doing it. He loved to jump!

Lil’ Greenie became the best jumper in the Pond. His parents were so proud of him.

But they would tell this story to anyone who would hear – How Lil Greenie was once afraid to jump. On rainy nights you can still hear them croak away Lil Greenie’s stories to their grandchildren!


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