The Juicy Watermelon

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The Juicy Watermelon

What happens when a non-deserving person ends up with things he doesn’t deserve?

Lord Siva and his consort Parvati were once passing through a town dressed up as ordinary village people. They were on planet Earth to see how well its citizens were faring.

While they were walking around, a beggar came and asked for alms. Lord Siva, to sound like a commoner, said he didn’t have anything.

“This poor man is begging, so why don’t you give him something,” Parvati said to Lord Siva.

“Even if I give, he will not be able to enjoy. He doesn’t look capable of observing or savoring anything.” Lord Siva answered.

But Parvati again requested him to give the beggar something, so Lord Siva consented. “Take this,” Lord Siva said to the man, and he gave him a watermelon containing a great treasure of gold and jewels.

The beggar was not very satisfied with the watermelon, because he didn’t like them. He was very particular about his tastes and was not ready to try something new. But he took it thinking he could get something in exchange for the melon in the village.

He found someone to give a few coins for it then he went on his way.

When the person that bought the watermelon cut it open he was surprised to find it filled with priceless jewels.

The beggar that received the melon didn’t know the great value of what he had been given so he just gave it away.

Value of things is far greater than what they appear to be

(This story has been edited to adapt to the taste of early readers)

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