Story of Two Beggars

Story of Two Beggars

The King has some valuable lessons to be learned from two beggars!

A generous King once ruled the prosperous land on the banks of the river Ganga. The King was known for the love and care he showered on his people.

Everyday the King would visit the Temple near his palace and on his way back he would give alms to the two beggars who sat in front of the Temple. The King would give away ample food and money for the two beggars.

On receiving the alms, the old beggar would bow down and say “God provides”.

The other beggar, younger of the two, would say: “Our King provides”.

One fine day, the King was on his way back from the Temple and he decided to give the two beggars more money than usual. But, as usual, the older beggar cried out happily: “God provides!” The younger one said, as usual, “Our King provides!”

This made the King angry. He thought: “It is I, who am feeding him but he keeps saying: ‘God provides, God provides’! It is time he learnt who really provides.”

The next day, when the King met the beggars by the roadside, he asked them to take a little-used road instead of their usual one, on their way back home. Then he said “I have provided for one of you,” he smiled and said, “God will provide for the other.”

He made sure that the young beggar who always praised him started first.

The King had planned something! He had ordered that a purse of gold be kept on the road in the beggar’s path so that he would find it.

But as the young beggar walked down the road he wondered why the king had sent him that way.

“Perhaps he wants me to enjoy the privacy of this road,” he thought aloud. “It is indeed a broad beautiful road and so smooth. One can even walk with eyes closed!” And he closed his eyes and enjoyed his stroll.

Sadly he missed seeing the purse.

The older beggar had his eyes open while he was walking and he easily spotted and picked up the purse.

The next day the King was excited to go to the Temple to meet the beggars and prove his point. He met and asked the beggars “How was your walk through that beautiful road? Did you find anything on the road?” he looked hopefully at the younger man.

The young beggar shook his head. “It was a beautiful road, your Majesty,” he said. “But I did not find anything on it.”

“But I did, your Majesty,” said the old beggar. “I found a purse of gold. God provides!”

This made the King even more angry. He became even more determined to show the old beggar that he was their true benefactor.

So on his way back from the Temple, the King he called the young beggar and gave him a pumpkin.

But it was not just an ordinary pumpkin. The pumpkin had been hollowed out and filled with silver coins!

The young beggar took the pumpkin and went on his way. It felt heavier than a regular pumpkin and he wanted to sell it and earn money. So on the way home, he sold it to a merchant for a few coins.

The next day the king asked the beggars if anything eventful had happened the previous day, again looking meaningfully at the young beggar.

“Yesterday was a good day, your Majesty,” said the young beggar. “I earned a few more coins than usual by selling the pumpkin you had so generously given me.”

The king was shocked, but he stayed calm and asked the old beggar “And you? Did you earn more than usual as well?”

“Yesterday was a great day, your Majesty,” said the old beggar. “As I was passing by a merchant’s shop he called me and gave me a pumpkin. When I went home and cut it, I found that it was full of silver. As I always say, God provides.”

Gratitude for what you have brings in more of what you want to have!

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