Elephants and the King of Mice

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Elephants and the King of Mice

What help would mighty Elephants need from little mice? Well, well, well, looks like a lot of help!

A colony of mice lived on a deserted village near to the forest. Food was in plenty and there was a beautiful lake on the outskirts of the village whenever they felt like playing in the water. They lived happily in that little mice village.

Soon it was Summer and animals from the forest would come down to the lake to drink water. A herd of elephants frequented the lake to drink water and bathe. These elephants would travel through the abandoned village to reach the lake.

Unfortunately, as the herd of elephants sprinted through the abandoned village, many mice would get trampled. This was not working out for the mice! So, the King of Mice decided to confront the elephants and request them to spare their lives.

Next day, as the herd of elephants approached, the King of Mice met the elephants and said, “O Graceful Gentlemen, we live in this abandoned village and as you travel through this village everyday, many mice get unknowingly trampled. Therefore, I request you to change your route to the lake. If you do so, I shall remember to return the favour in your time of need.”

At this the King of Elephants laughed, “O King of Mice, there will be no such favour that we, the giant elephants, will require from you, little mice. However, I will honour your request and we will change the route to the lake from today. You will not have to worry about any danger caused by us anymore.”

The King of Mice thanked the King of the Elephants for his kindness, and the herd of elephants never entered the village.

One fine day of Summer, the herd of elephants fell into traps set by elephant-hunters. Many elephants, including the king, got entangled in the trap. They struggled hard but could not set themselves free from the strong nets.

Suddenly, the King of the Elephants remembered the promise of the King of Mice. He summoned a little bird to remind the King of Mice of his promise and plea for help on his behalf.

As soon as the elephant informed the King of Mice of the situation, he summoned all mice at once. He said, “Now is the time for us to return the favour of the elephants. Let us should go immediately”

Soon enough, the little bird brought the mice to the place where the elephants were trapped. The King of Mice directed his people to work as teams and nibble on the strands of the net to break them. All the mice started nibbling on the strong nets and cut them loose in no time!

The elephants broke loose from the nets and were grateful to be free again. The King of Elephants thanked the King of Mice for his timely help, and became great friends thereafter.

Big? small? tall? short? Doesnt matter!! Never underestimate anybody by their appearances.

(This story has been edited to adapt to the taste of early readers)

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