Brahmin and the 3 Thieves

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Brahmin and the 3 Thieves

A Brahmin carried a goat across his shoulder. Three crooks were hungry for the goat. How will they trick the Brahmin?

Brahmin was a title given to a learned man in Ancient India. Education and learning was revered, free of cost and was considered a basic right in Ancient India. A Brahmin would always offer his wisdom and services to the village people free of charge and beg for his sustenance. Such a Brahmin was on his journey homewards after offering his services at a nearby village. He had got a goat as a gift and he carried the goat on his shoulders on his way home.

Three thieves watched the Brahmin walking past deserted roads. The crooks were starving, and surprisingly, the Brahmin had a goat and he was all alone.

They discussed, “If only we could lay our hands on this goat that the Brahmin is carrying, we could have our stomachs full. After-all what good is a goat to the Brahmin! He does-not eat meat “

The thieves decided to trick the Brahmin, and take away the goat. They devised a good plan.

As planned, the first crook took a shorter road and stood in the Brahmin’s path.

When the Brahmin, with the goat on his shoulders, approached him, he asked, “Ho Brahmin, Why is it that you behave so ridiculously?” he continued “Why on earth are you carrying a dying dog on your shoulders?”

On hearing this, the Brahmin got angry, he replied, “How can you not see any difference between a goat and a dog? Are you blind? Can’t you see I am carrying a healthy goat?”

The smart thief had played his part, and replied, “Please don’t get angry! You may have it anyway you want. Please carry on with your journey”.

A little further, he was approached by the second crook, who said, “Oh Brahmin, shame on you! How can you carry this dead calf on your shoulders like that? What an unspeakable horror!”

The Brahmin got even angrier, “Are you blind? Can’t you see it is a goat and not a dead calf?”

To this the second thief replied, “Have it anyway you want it to be, please don’t take it out on me”

When the Brahmin had gone a little further, the third crook called out to him, “Ho Brahmin. This is highly improper for you to do something like this. Why would you carry a donkey on your shoulders? Put him down, before anyone sees you doing this!”

Now, the Brahmin got scared. He started thinking how can three different people not see that he was carrying a goat? He doubted himself whether he was carrying a goat. He thought that he must be carrying a goblin, which is changing shape all the while.

Fearing for his life, he put the goat down on the ground and ran home terrified.

The thieves had succeeded in their plan. They caught the goat, and feasted on mutton stew to their heart’s content.

Untruth spoken repeatedly often appears to be truth.

(This Tale has been edited to adapt to the taste of early readers)

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