Crow and the Pitcher

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Crow and the Pitcher

Thirsty Black Crow found a Pitcher half filled with water. How can she quench her thirst?

It was a hot summer afternoon and the Black Crow was thirsty. She was on her way back home after visiting a friend and the sun was so hot that it was burning her feathers! She flew harder dreaming about the pitcher full of deliciously cold water at home. But home was still far away.

Soon the crow was so tired that she had to stop. She took rest in the branches of a large tree looking out for water. All around, no water-bodies were to be seen. No ponds or rivers or springs filled with the flow of life! Crow desperately prayed for some water to drink. Soon enough she saw a Pitcher near a dry well. Black Crow could see that well was dried up, but the pitcher had some water left.

The Black Crow eagerly flew to the Pitcher and looked at the water inside of it. The Pitcher was tall and had a narrow neck, no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t reach the water! She turned her head this way and that way. She reached inside the pitcher with her beak, pushing through the narrow opening of the pitcher. But she just couldn’t reach the water.

Then suddenly an idea came to her. There were a lot of pebbles lying around and she started picking them up one by one and dropping them in the Pitcher. Soon the water level increased slowly but steadily. A few more pebbles and she could actually reach the water with her beak! At last the water came up, close enough to have a heartful of it!

Donot give up easily. If you really want it, you can always get it!

(This Tale has been edited to adapt to the taste of early readers)

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