Belling the Cat

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Belling the Cat

The Mice people were troubled by the Crazy Cat. But Lil’ Mice has an idea. Well , does he?

In a land where cheese was plenty and where there was sunshine all round the year, there lived a colony of Mice. They lived a happy content life. They could eat all the cheese they need. They could sing and dance to their heart’s content. They could play all day long and sleep with abandon at night. They lived such in their little Paradise in a Barn until things changed out of the blue.

There was a new cat in town! He was known as the Crazy Cat, for he had a crazy look in his eyes. The Crazy Cat would cause a mess wherever he went. He would cause the most trouble and fear amongst the group of Mice. He would silently creep up on the mice colony, pick a mouse and thump it in its head and pick it up by its tail and slide it around. He would curl up little mice into balls and roll them up on the hay. The mice were too tiny to resist the Crazy Cat’s tyranny.

“Enough is enough” said the Old Mouse. The Old Mouse told “We cannot live like this in fear. We cannot stay in our homes day and night, afraid of the Crazy Cat. We want to go out in the sun, play with the birds and bees, swim in the lil’ spring. We need to be free.” he said.

Everyone agreed with a loud “Yessss”. “But how” asked the Smart Mouse.

“If we could only hear the Crazy Cat, we could run away before he gets us!” said the Lady Mouse. Everybody agreed with a loud “Yesss”. “But how” asked the Smart Mouse.

“All we have to do is to hang a bell around the Cat’s neck. When we hear the bell ringing we will know immediately that our enemy is coming.” said the Dreamy Mouse. All the Mice were surprised that they had not thought of such a simple plan before! Everybody loved the idea and agreed with a loud “Yesss” and celebrated, dreaming of the time when they would finally be free of the fear.

The Crazy Cat suddenly came bounding down upon the mice colony, hearing all the noises. The mice scattered in all directions fearing their lives. After the Cat went back to it’s den, the Old Mouse asked, “But who will bell the Cat??”

It is easy to suggest a solution. It definitely is harder to get it done yourself!
“Who will bell the Cat?”

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