The Eye of Ra

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The Eye of Ra

Ra created light, air and rain so that he wont be alone. But Ra’s naughty children went off to explore the ocean – the mighty Nun. How will he get them back?

Ra emerged from the darkness and endless waters of Nun. Ra was the first and only being in the universe. He was so alone! He was so alone that he had an intense desire for companionship. He desired to play and laugh and have fun with his own kids. Suddenly Ra sneezed and from his own sneeze two children were born. Shu and Tefnut.

Shu was the God of Light & Air and Tefnut was the God of Moisture & Rain. They were happy to be playing with their father and with each other. They were, however, curious children and would often wander off to explore on their own. Ra was concerned about their safety since they were little kids and couldn’t swim well in the Nun. But Ra was also a patient father and would only ask the children to always stay safe and take care of each other.

One fine day Shu and Tefnut were feeling extra- naughty and went far out into the dark waters of Nun. Suddenly the undercurrents of the mighty Nun toppled them over to the deep waters. The kids cried out loud in despair “Father, help us!!” before they were swept away into the darkness.

Ra screamed and cried aloud, unable to bear his loss. Ra was so powerful that he sent his eye – called ‘the Eye of Ra‘ to find his children. The Eye of Ra was a fiery disc of fire and it lit up the dark waters to search for the kids. Soon the kids were found and the Eye of Ra brought the kids back to the loving father. Ra was so happy to see his kids that he shed tears of joy and hugged them tight.

The legend goes on to say that the tears shed by Ra gave rise to the first humans. That means, we are created from the tears of joy shed by the first God ‘Ra’! And to keep us company, Ra made the Eye of Ra as the sun that we see up in the sky.

(This Tale has been edited to adapt to the taste of early readers)

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